Wedding Industry Lead Generation

Wedding Industry Lead Generation

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As a wedding industry professional, you're awesome at what you do, but it's hard to juggle clients while thinking of the future and bringing in new customers.

Whether you're a wedding planner, florist, baker, DJ, photographer, limo service, caterer, or a venue, The Marketing Butler can help. We'll help define your business goals and develop the best possible roadmap to get your creative business flourishing.

Top-To-Bottom Lead Generation Strategy & Execution

Unless it's constantly helping you to bring in new clients, it's a waste of your time. With The Marketing Butler, you can be sure your marketing efforts are working hard to increase your bottom line.

Save Your business Time with Powerful Integrations

At the Marketing Butler we believe in helping our clients to work smarter, not harder. By integrating marketing efforts with the tools you use on a daily basis, we'll can help you to reduce the hidden, wasteful busy-work that's costing you thousands every year.

Supporting Brand, Graphic & Web Design Solutions

Trust in your business plays a huge part in the lead generation process - everything about your brand needs to look and feel its very best. Don't worry, though, we've got everything you need in-house!

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How We Do It

The Marketing Butler

Wedding Industry Lead Generation

There’s no mystery to what we can do for your wedding business… We’ll bring you regular inbound leads that you and your sales team can covert into paying customers.

It really is that simple.

Our marketing team has been building successful wedding industry lead generation campaigns for more than 5 years, and we’ve learned how to maximize PPC budgets and reach brides and grooms to be on a consistent basis, delivering a never-ending stream of valuable, highly convertible leads for businesses just like yours.

Step 1


The first, and most important, step is connecting with your Marketing Butler team to schedule a free initial consultation.

Step 2


Next, we’ll learn about your business and work with you to define clear, achieveable goals for your lead generation campaign.

Step 3


From there, we’ll build out your campaign with all supporting materials and tools, and start delivering leads to you.

Step 4


Finally, you and your sales team will convert these leads into paying customer, increasing your revenue consistently and reliably.

The Marketing Butler

Wedding Industry Case Study

A Wedding Photo & Video Studio Revamp

Premium Results for a Premium Studio

Over the past eight months, The Marketing Butler has been changing the way Boundless Weddings does business. Already a successful Toronto wedding photo and video studio, our team set about increasing Boundless' numbers, visibility, and all-round efficiency across the board. Check out the results so far below...

312% Increase In Inbound Leads

Within a month of starting with The Marketing Butler's Lead Generation system, Boundless Weddings was already seeing double the inbound leads. After 3 months, that number was more than TREBLE - and that remains consistent 5 months later.

465% Increase in Mailout Engagement

The Marketing Butler's automated mailout and follow-up system saw a phenomenal upturn in the amount of clicks and replies received from each mail - which helped turn potentially lost customers into sales on a consistent basis.

An Extra $40,000+ Per Month In Sales

The perfect combination of automation, CRM integration, PPC, social campaigns, and viral marketing has combined to build a HUGE $40k+ per month in additional sales for Boundless Weddings

15+ Hours of Work Eliminated Per Week

The Marketing Butler's automation system, combined with full CRM setup and integration on the Boundless Weddings website, has reduced the amount of administrative and outreach work required from the Boundless team by 15+ hours!

73% Reduction in "Ghosting" Leads

Inquiries from customers that would then disappear without a trace for Boundless Weddings saw a huge reduction of 73% within the first 4 months of The Marketing Butler's system launching.

Results will differ for every business, and depend on the quality of your service, presentation, and processes, as well as pricing. Sales figures will ultimately depend on the quality and efficiency of your sales team. The Marketing Butler offers optional sales training for businesses who typically struggle with converting leads to sales. 

Increase Leads

Increase Sales

Increase Efficiency

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Whether you’re sick and tired of spending more time chasing dead-end leads than doing what you do best, or you’re looking for a way to take your wedding business to the next level, The Marketing Butler’s lead generation system is perfect for you.

Our team will work with you to create a fully customized lead generation solution for your business.

The first step is getting in touch with your Marketing Butler team. From there, we’ll reach out to you to schedule your free initial consultation, where we’ll learn about your wedding business and the challenges you face, before providing you with a tailored solution to help you grow!

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