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Grow Your Business, While Looking Great!

It's important for your website to look great - that's a given - but if that's all it's doing for your business, then you need to rethink your online strategy. With a Marketing Butler website, you'll be getting a 24-hour salesperson, full-time marketer, expert lead generator, and a round-the-clock back-office team.

Stunning Custom Design

At The Marketing Butler, we custom build all our clients' sites to reflect their brands, goals, and specific requirements. If you need it (even if you don't KNOW you need it yet), we can build it!

Built for Lead Generation

Unless it's constantly helping you to bring in new clients, a website is essentially worthless to your business. With a Marketing Butler site, you can be sure your online presence is working hard for you.

Say Goodbye to Busy-Work!

By integrating your Marketing Butler website with the tools your business uses on a daily basis, we can help you to reduce the soul-crushing busy-work that's costing you thousands every year.

Lovingly Built by Experienced Marketers

Not only are we web design experts, but also branding specialists, graphic artists, social media managers, video producers, and photographers. We know how to find the perfect balance of words and images to create an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate user experience. We want to work with you to create the best experience to showcase your business.

Who says you can’t have it all? Let’s make awesome happen!

To help you understand the importance of marketing know-how when it comes to building and growing an online presence, we recommend checking out the video below from our recommended CRM of choice, HubSpot.

Videos courtesy of HubSpot - The Marketing Butler's CRM of Choice

Understanding The Marketing Butler Process

If there's one thing we've learned down through the years, it's that you simply cannot build a successful, effective website without having the correct processes in place.

This understanding has allowed us to build a framework that enables our team to work with you to identify your goals, craft a bulletproof strategy to help you reach those targets, develop a website that ties in all the right words, assets, and integrations, and finally optimize and launch it to the world.

Our job isn't to create a "quick fix", it's to build a permanent, scalable solution that'll enable your business to grow both online, and off.


Our marketing experts take the time to learn about your business, services or products, customers, client acquisition model, goals and current website’s level of effectiveness. During this on-boarding session, we’ll learn everything we need to know to get to the heart of what your business needs from its website in order to grow.

Strategic Planning

Learning everything we can about your business allows us to build an effective, sustainable strategy for your website. We’ll identify the primary and secondary goals for your site, and position your messaging and calls to action accordingly. Before we’ve even written a line of code, we’ll have a crystal clear roadmap for your business’ growth.


The success of your website hinges almost entirely on the strength of your messaging. How can you consistently reach the right audience? How do you optimize the site’s content to increase lead generation or sales? What is the key to growing your revenue? All these questions are answered before our copywriting team drafts on-site messaging that’s built to succeed.

Site Build

While most web design studios start at this step, we’re already more than half way through your project now. We take everything we’ve learned, and the strategy we’ve drafted, to build a site that’s focused on your growth. Your most important messaging is put front and centre, with engaging calls to action, lead capture forms, and enticing product or service descriptions driving the design. At this point, every pixel plays part in helping you grow your business.

Launch & Post Launch

With a goal-focused website built and ready to go, we’ll migrate it, optimize it, and ensure it’s ready for the world to see! This is where the strategy we created for you really starts to take affect… From content calendars and schedules, to social media, to CRM and sales tool integrations, your workflow will become more manageable, more responsive to your clients’ needs, and, most importantly, more easily scaled to maximize profits!

We're About More Than Web Design

With so much noise in the digital space these days, it can feel like an uphill battle to get your message heard. At The Marketing Butler, we're experts in tying your website - the online hub of your business - into all the right channels, and then managing and maintaining those channels to ensure your growth goals are attainable and, most importantly, sustainable.

Social Media Management

The Marketing Butler's team is always on-hand to create strategy for, help with, or completely take over, your business' social media activity.

Ongoing Strategy

The old mantra of "set and forget" is long dead, so it's essential you're constantly analyzing and reevaluating your campaigns. That's our kung-fu!

Video Marketing

If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine how effective an expertly-crafted video marketing campaign can be for your brand!

Always Reach Your Customers, Wherever They Are

If you're not visible, you're no longer relevant

By offering a holistic marketing experience to our clients, we're able to give them the best possible chance of staying at the forefront of their customers' minds. Work with us to create a fully integrated online marketing solution that'll let you connect with your audience no matter where they are, what device they're using, or what time of day (or night) they need your products or services.

Some of the Awesome Clients We've Helped...

We've worked with a wide range of clients, across a broad spectrum of verticals and industries - but they've all got one thing in common... They LOVE their Marketing Butler, and we love helping their businesses grow!

A Few Case Studies to Wet Your Whistle!

Check out some of the work we've put together for our amazing clients, and perhaps get some inspiration for how we can help you to grow

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Building and Integrating a Fitness Brand from the Ground Up

SpinCycle is a brand new indoor cycling studio based in Markham, ON. Ahead of the studio’s launch in late 2018, The Marketing Butler was tasked with building a unique, visually striking website that integrated deeply with the company’s online class booking and client management system, as well as its fitness tracking platform.

Our team worked tirelessly to ensure the site was ready for launch, and the end product was incredibly received by patrons and management alike. Customers can sign up, manage class schedules, track their workouts, purchase memberships and much more through a visually strong, and technically robust platform.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Content
  • AdWords
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Integrations
  • Strategy
  • Analytics

A Complete Online & Procedural Restructuring for a Busy TorontoPhoto & Video Studio

Boundless Weddings is a leading wedding photography and cinematography company in Toronto and beyond, with a portfolio of hundreds of weddings and engagements. With a focus on delivering premium quality photo and video to its clients, it’s a brand that demands the highest attention to detail.

The company’s previous website was built to showcase the fun, off-the-cuff personality of the photo and video team, but at the cost of positioning Boundless Weddings outside the top tier of premium photographers. With a huge library of stunning photography to work with, our web team set about building a whole new look and feel for the brand. By focusing on the incredible imagery, and wrapping it in a sleek, minimal shell, we were able to completely reposition the brand as a top-level vendor – all without sacrificing the wonderful personality of the brand.

Although Boundless Weddings had no shortage of inbound leads and a high conversion rate, one of the problems being faced was the amount of time that needed to be put into getting contracts over the line. To mitigate this additional legwork, we set about creating a system that automated parts of the process. An automated quote generation platform was built to sit alongside the website, with leads being funnelled to that page after their first phone contact with the company’s sales leads. The final product saved countless hours of manpower, while still providing future brides with all the information and pricing they needed to make an informed decision.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Content
  • AdWords
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Integrations
  • Strategy
  • Analytics
  • Sales System
  • List Management
  • Graphic Design

Creating a Custom Online Store & Branding for a Mattress Entrepreneur

Currently featured on The Shopping Network, The Naked Mattress came out swinging! Their unique and thoughtful take on the traditional mattress and shopping experience is second to none, featuring a removable and replaceable mattress topper that gives comfort control back to the customer!

With eyes on being a disruptive force in the domestic mattress industry, The Naked Mattress needed a logo that was both memorable and clean. Using the multi-tiered mattress structure as inspiration, we tailed the “N” (for “Naked”) with three angled lines to create a modern and effective branding icon for the company.

With pre-existing online mattress stores often featuring needlessly complicated stores with an abundance of options, our client wanted The Naked Mattress to be different – more straightforward, uncluttered and easy to use. We customized WooCommerce to create a single-page store with variations for size and mattress firmness, and built it into a lively and striking custom-designed website.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • Video
  • Product Photography
  • Analytics
  • eComerce

Taking an Established Fitness Brand to the Next Level

Ironstone Fitness is a personal fitness and training company in Markham that offers a range of different options to help their clients achieve their fitness goals. Services include Group Bootcamp style training, Fitness Kick Boxing and one-on-one personal training. Both female only (Iron Angels) and co-ed classes are available to members.

Our marketing team targeted members of the company’s target demographic and spoke with them about their likes, and interests online. From here, we discovered a pocket of un-targeted individuals, allowing us to be the exclusive fitness advertisers to this market.

To accompany the social campaign, our designers worked to improve the visibility Ironstone’s 6 and 12 week challenges. By building upon the original designers’ layouts, we streamlined the presentation of the information, greatly improving user experience.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Facebook Ads
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • Video Marketing