For businesses everywhere, customers are important! But not all customers are created equal. From leaving a mess to taking you to town on social media, some customers are needier than others.

Are Your Customers High-Maintenance?

Are Your Customers High Maintenance

The level of maintenance required can steer your interactions with your customers so it’s best to get an idea of how much attention they need now. Are your customers high maintenance? Take our quiz to find out…

How dirty or messy do your customers leave your store/business?

How do your customers reach out if they feel like you’ve messed up?

What would the ideal holiday of your average customer be?

If your customers were a roommate, which would they most be like?

How often do your customers expect you to come up with new offerings?

If your customer was a pet, what would they be?

Do you think your customers make their beds every morning?

Are Your Customers High Maintenance?
Your customers are high maintenance!
Congratulations, you basically are walking on top of hot fiery flames at all times. Make sure you have dedicated staff for customer relations. Put our fires before they get started. Create programs to thank your customers for their business. Keep a pipeline of new ideas coming, and interact with your customers to make sure you are on the right track. Have a dedicated social media person to keep abreast of how your customers feel about you at any given time. Good luck!
Your customers are moderately high maintenance.
This is a good thing because they will keep you accountable to a certain standard but will also be forgiving about an occasional transgression. Monitor their opinions and feelings about your brand by keeping in touch. Be ready to apologize to keep up retention. If you lose the occasional customer, it’s not a big deal. You are clearly doing something right to keep the majority. Keep some space free to innovate and keep the new ideas coming.
Your customers are low maintenance.
They accept new ideas and new offerings but don’t expect them. They are forgiving when it comes to mistakes. Try to engage customers more fully in the development process. Even though they don’t hold you accountable through social media attacks, try to reach out and keep a clear sense of where you stand in their minds. Make sure you have quality control mechanisms inside your company so that you can keep striving to be better and better.
Your customers are disengaged.
They don’t seem bothered by your mistakes or if you innovate. This can be problematic as there is no mechanism to hold your brand to a standard and no incentive to innovate. Try engaging your customers through all channels: in person, at time of purchase, on social media. Try building your brand out and making your values clearer. Trying new offerings and try to engage new customers. Having very low maintenance customers takes the heat off you but it also spells disaster in the long run if your customers don’t care enough to engage. Turn it around and you might end up growing that bottom line.

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